Numbers speak louder than words, they say. Statistically, only one-third of the entrepreneurs worldwide are females, and even though this is about to increase, the question is why the number of modern heroines is so much lower than the heroes? 

The answer lays not even near our hard choice of “career vs family”, modern women can do it all. Neither it is a question of our capabilities, women can be equally as smart and strategic as men. What is more, when it comes to ROI, normally women outdo man big time! Despite all that, females do have multiple barriers that are predominantly in our minds and nowhere else. 

If you look at boys when they are little, some of them are climbing trees, breaking limbs, then climbing the same trees again. No fear. Many girls, on the other hand, are fearful even to come close to that tree as it might be too big, too scary, climbing it could be too challenging or we are simply scared of ruining the dress. I know, this comparison might sound too ironic, but it’s so truthful. 

The lack of self-confidence is the biggest barrier for many females starting their own business. It doesn’t mean that men are completely fearless or overly confident, they are just better at hiding their concerns and are ready to take risks just to reach their full potential. 

In order not to lose ourselves in self-doubt and unnecessary worries, females are constantly looking for support and approval from our friends and family. Some of us, due to the lack of confidence, sometimes look like a bunch of newly-born kittens that are waiting to be pointed in the right direction. The desire for constant approval is a barrier some female entrepreneurs are experiencing, while men normally don’t even waste time on such things. 

If the only thing stopping us from reaching the top of a mountain is that heavy backpack full or unnecessary worries and constant self-doubt, shouldn’t we just leave it behind?