During my last yoga class I was hit by a thought that has turned the way of thinking upside down. This isn’t indeed a novel idea, neither it is something unique or original. It is the thought that every single one of us has been told so many times that we don’t even pay attention to it anymore. 

I’ve been practicing yoga for the past 3.5 years and as a bonus I was born rather flexible to start with. As you probably know, yoga includes numerous levels of different asanas you can choose depending on your ability. One of the most difficult variations of a certain asana has always seemed to be unachievable that I stopped trying to succeed at it sticking to a moderate option. 

The level of excitement when I successfully was guided into that dreamy asana by my instructor was through the roof! Yay!!

You know what it felt like right away? It felt like pure happiness, pride and progress. The feeling of immense gratitude for my body that many of us do not recognize anymore. It was truly remarkable to feel that happiness and satisfaction with every cell. 

In the world full of successful people and somehow faked and overly glamorous social media accounts it is easy to get into the trap. In the trap of comparing yourself to others that ultimately leads many into a state of severe depression. Similarly in business. Because guess what? You can never be better than everyone else no matter how hard you try. There will always be a person that is smarter, wealthier, more beautiful, more successful than you, and the list goes on. 

Are you sure this is the right game to play?

The only thing that will bring you to the state of total balance and peace is if you stop comparing yourself to others. The real satisfaction and honest results can only be seen when you are comparing yourself to… yourself. Seeing how much progress you’ve made because of your dreams, your strengths, your willpower brings an unspeakable pleasure and motivation. 

If you are making even the tiniest steps in the right direction there is no way you can go wrong. Just keep moving and be grateful for yourself and your little, yet very big results.