The Easter week is in a full-on mode and you have probably started fighting that temptation of having another chocolate egg or a celebratory glass of wine. Needless to say, Easter Sunday is no doubt the perfect occasion to gather around the table with your friends and family. Given the significance of the festivity, it would be more than logical to give equal importance to your Easter menu, and which celebration can happen without wine? 

Unless you are super creative, the Easter table often features some of the most traditional meals like lamb, chicken, honey-glazed ham or some kind of seafood. Despite the simplicity of choices, pairing wine with your Easter menu can be unnerving hence to help you ease that Easter anxiety we decided to make the choice for you. 

Wine pairings for ham 

Some of the most finger-licking and irresistible hams are made with sweet glazing on top. The best way to balance up the sweet and salty flavors is to choose wine with a slight sweetness to it also. A bottle of Pinot Noir, medium to full-bodied Shiraz or Merlot, any of these would be perfect.

Wine pairings for lamb

Lamb is one of the most wine-friendly meats you could possibly think of. It develops the entire new palette if accompanied by a glass of medium-bodied and fruit driven red wine. A red Bordeaux or a similar blend of Merlot and Cabaret Sauvignon would make it shine! 

Wine pairings for seafood

For someone who is not into reds go for Chardonnay. It’s always a crowd pleaser and you can not go wrong with this choice. This beautiful and refreshing wine will go well with your lighter meals, like seafood or vegetables. By the way, Australia is very well-known for its delicious Chardonnay and it’s the exact origin of our Warrior. Just saying. 

Happy Easter!