A bombshell for your taste buds and your new hiking partner, Enso canned wine is complex, bold, and way too good to be bottled up. We searched around the world for our starting team.

Finding products based on quality was our number one priority, along with affordability and availability. We want to make sure that we can continue to deliver these products to you year after year.

The list believe specifies where we get our wines from and some differentiating flavors and aromas you will get.

Warrior Chardonnay – Australia

One of the most versatile grapes; Chardonnay can be made rich and creamy with oak, or unoaked to be light and zesty, and it is often made into sparkling wine. Originating in Burgundy, France, you would often get flavors of yellow apples, starfruit, pineapple and butter.

There are many regional differences for Chardonnays being grown in Australia. You will get more notes of pineapples and yellow apple in those grown in Southern Australia, and ore lemon and quince notes from those grown in Western Australia.

Retreat Pinot Noir – New Zealand

Common styles of Pinot Noir include Rose, sparkling and still. Pinot Noir originated in Burgundy, France and is famous for a light and fruit forward taste. Those hailing from France and Oregon tend to have more flavors of cranberry and mushroom.

Pinot Noir from New Zealand is quite unique, a Pinot on steroids almost. Being grown in a warmer climate, the grape grows slightly thicker skins and has a bigger backbone and tannic structure. You will get lots of flavors of raspberry and spices.

Laughing Buddha Cabernet Sauvignon – Australia

A classic, Cabernet Sauvignon is the big bold brother of all red wines. Originating in Bordeaux, France, this wine is delicious as a single varietal but is also often used in blends. There are flavors such as black current, black cherry, baking spices, and cedar.

Australian Cabernet Sauvignons have hints of cocoa, sugar plums, and vanilla. Pair Laughing Buddha with steak, prime rib, or roasted goose.

Bliss Pinot Grigio – Italy

Italy’s favorite child, Pinot Grigio can be minerally and dry, including those from Italy and other cooler climates. It can also be fruity and dry, like those in New World wine regions.

Bliss Pinot Grigio is aromatic and has rich flavors of honeydew melon, white peach, wet stone, and citrus blossoms. Pair with your favorite chicken pasta dish, oysters, or a grilled chicken salad.