It’s amazing how many people live in prime wine regions who have never been wine tasting. Lack of wine knowledge or lacking experience wine tasting can be intimidating for any wine lover going into a tasting room.

Wine tasting can be a great way to explore wine regions, learn more about wine, add to your wine collection, and spend time with friends and family.

Where do I start?

Here are some tips to help you go into a wine tasting confident, focused, and ready to try some great wine. Get the most out of your wine tasting.

What is your goal?

Would you like to learn more about wine? Look for wineries that offer tours of the facility. You can usually find this info on their website. You will learn more about how the grapes are grown and the winemaking process.

Go to smaller wineries. Often times, smaller wineries and tasting rooms are less busy and they will have more time to talk and answer any questions you have.

Are you looking to buy wine for a special occasion or to add to your collection? Search wineries beforehand so you can target the ones that have your favorite wines and the ones you are interested in trying.

Are you simply wanting to get out and enjoy the weekend with friends and family? Research the wineries beforehand. Do they have a large enough space to accommodate your group? Do they offer appetizer or cheese plates?

Wine Tasting Tips

Have a budget. Wine tasting can range from free to $35 per tasting. Most often these fees are waived with a bottle purchase. How many bottles do you plan to go home with? There is typically a discount for those who buy a half-case or case.

Transportation. If you are hitting up multiple wineries, be sure to have a ride or simply spit out the wine after you taste it. Yes…spitting out wine after you taste it is a normal thing to do.

Get your wine home safely. How do you plan on getting your wine home? Carrying a case of wine around isn’t an option for most of us. Have a reusable and heavy duty wine carrying bag for smaller wine loads or invest in a rolling wine case. That is essentially a rolling carry on size bag. To save money you can even just use a small rolling suitcase!

Tip your tasting room attendant. Have a few $5 bills in your wallet to tip your tasting room attendant. It is common for them to accept tips just like servers, bartenders, and hair stylists. While there job is funner than most, they work really hard to be as knowledgable about the wine as possible and moving cases of wine around all day isn’t easy!

Happy tasting,