Summer is right around the corner, somewhere past all of the clouds, and it is time to get stocked up on summer wines!

Here are some of our favorite go-to summer white wines that are always a hit when friends come over.


Originating in Northern Portugal, however, most of it is now grown in Spain. Many don’t know about this white wine, however, it is gaining popularity in North America and is one of the best summer wines out there!

Albarino is light-bodied, fruit forward, with tart acidity. You will get tart flavors of lemon and grapefruit, along with flavors of nectarines, melon, and gravel.

Pinot Gris

Originating in France and Italy, this white wine is light-bodied and mild. Common flavors include lemon, ripe apples, melons, and peaches. Many countries now grow Pinot Gris.

If it is produced in a cooler climate, there will be more citrus flavors. If it was produced in a warmer climate, there will be more stone fruit flavors.

Sauvignon Blanc

The classic and super affordable Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most popular summer wines out there. France is number one in production with New Zealand close behind.

This wine is fruit forward, light-bodied, with tart acidity and moderate alcohol. Flavors include passion fruit, peaches, grapefruit, melons, and gooseberry.


Semillon is another under-rated white wine. However, it is perfect for summer. Originating in France, this wine is also grown in Australia, Chile, and South Africa. It is quite unique.

Semillon is a full-bodied white wine, with moderate fruit, alcohol, and acidity levels. Common flavors include lemon, beeswax, peach, saline, and flowers. This is the perfect wine to get if you are looking for something a bit different, they all have a lot of character.


Riesling is another classic white wine. Contrary to popular belief, this wine originated in Germany but is now highly planted all over the world. You can get a refreshing bottle of dry Riesling or opt for a sweeter version.

Common flavors include beeswax, petroleum, tart apples, lime, and jasmine. Sweeter or aged Riesling have more lemon curd and honey flavors.


For those looking for a treat to bring to a BBQ or for a night with the girls, look no further than mimosas! Orange juice and sparkling wine, touch it up with a slice of fresh orange or strawberry.

Here are some recipes for a fun spin on the classic mimosa.