Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Camping season is going strong and while it can be a struggle to get away from work and your daily life…try and squeeze at least one camping trip in this summer.

Make a list of all the necessities you need to bring with you to have the ultimate camping trip, even if you are just camping for a night or two. From the tent stakes to the smores to the French press and coffee; it all comes together to make a successful trip.

On your way to your campsite, stop by Norton One Stop and pick up a couple cans of Enso wine. Canned wine is the best way to enjoy wine sitting around a campfire.

Canned wine is lightweight, easily fits into coolers and packs, glass-free, single-serve, and you don’t need to bring any tools to open it. It’s also great for those who like to pack light or go on backpacking trips because it is easy to pack in and out.

Wine also goes great with many of your favorite camping meals. Check out this article on Food and Wine Pairing: Back Country Edition.

What’s your favorite camping spot?