Cans represent a very small segment of wine. You are clearly aware of canned wine, assuming you are reading this. You are possibly in search of new products to sell in your store or searching for alternatives to bottled wine.

Whether you are searching for a more sustainable wine drinking practice or just wanting something practical after many failed picnics with wine…canned wine may be your answer.

But, is canned wine really more sustainable than bottled wine?

  1. You don’t need other tools and packaging materials. No need for corks, corkscrews, foil caps, or screw caps.
  2. Less liquid waste. Single serve wine? Yes, please. Although I think we are all known to down an entire bottle on a Wednesday night….but let’s pretend that doesn’t happen on the regular.
  3. Recyclable. Glass is also recyclable, but it’s easier, especially in rural areas to find places that recycle cans. Cans have a much higher recycle rate than any other container.
  4. Cost. In many cases, it is cheaper for wineries to produce canned wine than it is bottled wine. Which means it is more affordable for the consumer.

All in all, canned wine seems to be a great option for those who are looking for a single serve option, a container that is easy to recycle, and overall smaller footprint.