Many of us have experienced that excitement from looking at the pictures of Tuscany. That dreamy landscape of rolling hills, olive trees, wineries, cute houses, and just the best weather… Raise your hand if Tuscany is on your bucket list!

Italy is fascinating indeed, however, if North America is your home – consider yourself lucky. You can seamlessly cheat the system and have a quick trip to Tuscany without crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Just 90 minutes north of San-Francisco and you can witness and experience something very similar to those pictures you carefully store in your memory. 

Napa Valley and Tuscany are often compared due to their similar climate, looks, and activities.  Also, both of these places produce some of the best wines and olive oils in the world. However, if your goal is purely wine tasting, keep in mind that the American wine tasting tends to be faster and more commercialized, it’s all about the wine itself. In Tuscany, on the other hand, the process is much slower and more intimate – it’s more about the history, the views, the food and then the wine. Saying that, Napa Valley is FULL of amazing restaurants with some of the best foods you would ever indulge in your life, not kidding. 

If you are an active type and simply wineries wouldn’t do you justice, Napa Valley is like a Disneyland with, what it seems, never-ending activities and festivals: from marathons and sports competitions to music festivals, art events, and culinary workshops. 

To be honest, Tuscany will always be not only about food and wine but also the people. Those long chats with the charismatic and friendly Italians, who immediately make you feel at home, are priceless. Napa Valley, on the other hand, is also set up to high standards, whether it’s the quality of your wine, food or service. All of this surrounded by the most beautiful views and topped up with the prized Cabernet Sauvignon… There is no way someone would leave Napa Valley disappointed.