The days are getting warmer and the temptation of having a glass of refreshing sangria is only rising. This famous and truly most favorite Spanish punch has diversified its flavor into so many variations that it’s almost impossible to know which one is the original. To say the least, the tradition of drinking sangria goes way back in history. 

Have you ever thought about the origin of sangria? Over 2,000 years ago, early Greeks and Romans were making sangria for their survival, as the water was filled with bacteria and was unsafe to drink. They used to call it “hippocras” back then and it gave roots to both, sangria and mulled wine. According to the food historians, sangria was introduced to the Americas at the beginning of the 19th century. The official data, on the other hand, suggests that the drink gained its popularity after the New York World’s Fair in 1964. 

The name of sangria comes from ‘sangre’ that means blood in Spanish and is referred to the original drink color as traditionally it was only made with red wine. Today, sangria can mean a wine punch made out of red, white or sparkling wine, based on your preference. 

Even though sangria is traditionally a Spanish drink, you don’t need to travel to Europe to indulge this perfect refreshment. It is served in numerous restaurants around the world or can be made within your own kitchen.  

Sangria is probably one of the easiest wine cocktails you could possibly make as the list of ingredients comes down to your own preference and the availability of products. Even though this wine punch doesn’t have a single recipe, you could follow these guidelines to start your journey of discovering of your own, perfect flavor combination. 

I prefer my sangria to be red, hence for this recipe you might want to choose a bottle of Pinot Noir or any other wine that is fruity and low in tannins. Add some rum for that extra kick and balance it all up with water or, if you like it to be sweeter, add some orange juice. Finally, add some diced fruits like lemons, oranges, apples or strawberries (any combination will do). Don’t forget to chill your sangria for 2-3 hours before serving it over ice cubes and good mood! Have fun!