There is no better time to tweak your life than at the beginning of a new year as this period is often perceived as a chance to start it fresh. While you were analyzing the accomplishments of the past year, you most certainly found some room for improvement: it might be quitting bad habits (drinking wine doesn’t count), getting leaner or changing a job. 

Some of you might think that everything you do in life is already perfect and you want to continue in the same direction, while others simply feel stuck. They might feel exhausted, that they haven’t seen the world or their 9-5 office duties don’t bring joy anymore. Don’t get me wrong, some people enjoy their stable corporate roles, they love being a part of a bigger organization, we are all different. But what if you want to gain a bit more control over your life? Be your own (lady) boss and follow your passion? 

Let me be frank, starting your own business is not as scary as you might think, it is terrifying. The key is to leave out all your numerous questions and negative mindset out of the game while making the first step and doing it fast. It is always the hardest. 

Firstly, work out what your strong sides are, what are you passionate about, and start moving. You don’t need to be a second Elon Musk to be successful. You don’t even need to be a man as these days women alone are opening over 1,000 businesses worldwide every single day. Once you found your passion, what is stopping you from creating a consultancy business, becoming a stylist or opening up a small bakery?  Nothing more than your own fears. 

Just one more glamorous perception that I would need to illuminate and prepare you for – there will be no initial paradise full of happy employees, a massive amount of free time and stable income. What you will get is a humongous amount of hard work, long hours and many sleepless nights, busy schedules and no holidays at all. But guess what? You will get through it and it will be all worth it in the end!