I’ve met a lot of people, that had this bright spark in their eyes brought by an awesome idea. You know what I am talking about. I’ve also met with some of them later on only to see that their genuine belief in their triumph was lost along the way. What has changed? 

It’s not a secret that there are too many well-established businesses in various areas. What if you have a brilliant idea but the market is clearly oversupplied with similar companies? Don’t let it put you off as there is always a lot of room for quality. Think of a white space and the way you could operate differently in the same niche while creating much desired extra value. In summary, white space is an unmet, but very attractive area of a business that customers want to see. Innovate on the same idea, think how could you improve it and drill on its originality. 

Want to be a florist but there are too many flower shops around? Create one, where you could not only compose your own unique bouquet for your loved ones, but also have a cup of aromatic lavender tea, some good coffee or even a glass of wine while waiting for the magic to happen. Do you see what I mean? The market is never too saturated if you think out of the box. 

If you are not sure where to find that white space for your niche have a chat with your friends and family to get their opinion and some critical feedback. 

Lastly, don’t even dare to give your dream up. We believe in you, but do you believe in yourself?