Canned wine is more than a niche or a novelty. There are great benefits to choosing canned wine, many of which are from the lack of wine faults that are typically associated with bottled wine. The hope is, as canned wine continues to grow, wine faults will be a thing of the past!

Corked– We have all opened a bottle of wine only to smell wet cardboard and have a wine that lacks any smell or flavor other than a wet dog. This happens when TCA, a bacteria that can grow on corks, is exposed to the wine. Considering canned wine doesn’t even have corks, this will never be a problem.

UV Damage or “Light Strike”– People often wonder why red wines are in dark colored bottles and it is recommended that wines be stored out of direct sunlight. Wines can essentially cook inside the bottles and a long time in direct sunlight can cause reduction and a breakdown of the wine. No light is exposed to canned wine and the aluminum naturally helps keep the wine at a cooler temperature in storage.

Does the aluminum effect the taste of the wine? No. Just like you don’t taste metal in a beer or soda, this packaging has no effect on the taste of the product.

Other reasons to go canned!

No glassware or corkscrew needed

Portable and packable

Reduced carbon footprint


Overall deliciousness!


Christina Brooks