It’s time to get ready for summer! Take off those BBQ covers and take down those Christmas lights (let’s be honest, some of us still have them up).

Keep your eye out for your favorite wineries Spring Release wines. They often have 2018 vintage whites coming out around this time.

It is also a good idea to splurge on some new wine gadgets. Yes, many of the gadgets you see nowadays are not necessary. But some of them can be quite useful!

Here are our favorite (and practical!) summer wine gadgets:

Stainless Steel Wine Glasses

Stainless steel wine glasses are practically indestructible and last forever. They are great for taking outside, packing along with camping trips, and using for parties. No need to worry about them breaking.

Bonus: They help keep your white or sparkling wines cool!

Wine Carrier and Gift Set

This is a great gift for any wine lover. This bag can carry up to three bottles, keeps wines at a cool temperature, and comes with everything needed for a picnic.

You can also use it as a carrier for wine you pick up wines from the store.

Wine Wings

Wine wings are reusable and the perfect way to safely pack away wine for gifts and travel.

Wine Beach Bag

Cute, beachy, and covert. Perfect for beach bonfires and your judgmental Aunt Susan’s annual family BBQ. Just stick a bag of wine in there and enjoy.

Camping Wine Charms

Okay, not at all necessary…but these are super cute! Take these with you camping or to a BBQ. This helps guests distinguish which glass is theirs.

Happy Camping,