What has Enso been up to? Lots! We have been keeping quite busy as the beginning of the summer season has hit hard and new opportunities are coming our way.

Recently, Enso has been working with two local brewpubs; Picaroons General Store in Saint John and Hammond River Brewing in Rothesay.

Picaroons General Store is a large and spacious brewpub in Saint John that has a great local following and is the place to be for events. Keeping things cool and fresh in the hop-free department means they have started carrying Enso canned wines. Great for walking around, mingling, and enjoying live music glass-free.

Hammond River Brewing in Rothesay has a beautiful facility with a large food menu provided by Barrels Head. To further expand their menu they have started carrying Enso wines and they pair well with the food from Barrels Head.

Although the point of a brewpub is beer, it never hurts to expand your menu and provide consumers with different options. This allows you to expand your customer base for those of us who prefer to go hop-less but still want to spend time with their friends or family at the pub. And vice-versa, it never hurts to have a couple of beer and cider options for those forced to attend wine tastings with their families.

Canned wine is a great option for pubs to carry because they don’t take up a lot of space, no glassware needed, and they fit in with the relaxed environment of pubs.