We recently received a consumer inquiry regarding our artwork. It’s important that we share this to be completely transparent. Here is the original message and here is our response. Please let us know what you think after reading in our comments section or our facebook page. Cheers, Henry.

Original Message sent to ANBL on April 19, 2019 (Transcribed from email)

“I’m not sure who I can speak to about this, but the new Enso canned wine brand with Buddha and Yoga on it is EXTREMELY OFFENSIVE. It’s cultural appropriation and completely disrespectful to the Buddhist and Yogic communities to utilize a sacred tradition to market alcohol. I am not here to preach abstinence as I live my wine  but I find this extremely ignorant.”

Enso’s Response

Dear Enlightened Citizen,

This letter is in response to a message sent to ANBL on April 19, 2019 regarding our artwork. Please see the original content sent to us via ANBL by email on page 2.

Thank you sincerely for engaging with us.

Our company name Enso was inspired by a Zen Buddhist symbol which is a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. My wife practices the spirituality of Buddhism and is the person credited for our beautiful name. Enso has inspired all of our creative expression including our artwork.

We dare to be different at Enso and our fans love this about us. We do understand that by daring to be different our artwork and the methods we choose to express ourselves will not resonate with everyone. It’s no different than the product itself, some people will never drink wine from a can. We not only accept this, we celebrate our differences. Most importantly we do not judge anyone for their thoughts or opinions whether we agree or disagree with them.

Enso also believes in complete transparency with regards to these conversations. Please note we have addressed similar concerns on our facebook page and will post this response to remain transparent.

Our only commitment will be to keep doing things different and challenging traditions in a celebratory fashion.

In celebration of our differences I’d like to thank you once again for engaging with us. We may not agree on everything but we love the conversation and are happy to converse with you anytime. Please feel free to email me or call me directly at your leisure.


Henry Yates