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How to be unpopular in the wine world

It's been 1 year now since I first starting pitching the idea of canned wine to people and the reactions have been fun. Most people love it and immediately start listing the convenience when enjoying outdoor activities and how it will help them enjoy that one glass on...

Woman and Wine Trends

Now that mostly all of the baby millennials are 21 and ready to get their wine on, we can officially solidify what consumer trends have been saying for some time now. Millennials are drastically changing the wine industry. How? We are not all avocado toast and lattes....

Pasta is Life

Anyone else been on a pasta kick lately? The new thing in my adventure through adulting is making my own pasta sauces and meatballs. Yum. There is nothing like making some fresh pasta with your favorite sauce and a bottle of wine. Speaking of...check out these killer...

Wine Tasting for Beginners

Why is tasting and analyzing wine so important? What can it tell you? The most important rule of wine is that you enjoy what you are drinking. Tasting wine can help you know what varietal it is, what climate it was grown in, where it was grown, winemaking practices...

Enso Wine Pairings- Vegan Edition!

Holla at all the wine-loving vegans! I am here to tell you that you can pair ANY wine with a vegan diet. Much of wine pairing is focused on red meats and seafoods, leaving vegans and vegetarians wondering if they will ever be able to pair their favorite foods and...

Start planning to avoid excuses

The transition from dreaming into actually doing something is an important, yet very difficult step. You would always want to think it through, plan ahead every single move, and have a written copy of plan B for plan B to ensure the success of your business. The only...

What is really stopping women?

Numbers speak louder than words, they say. Statistically, only one-third of the entrepreneurs worldwide are females, and even though this is about to increase, the question is why the number of modern heroines is so much lower than the heroes?  The answer lays...

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