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Got any camping plans?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Camping season is going strong and while it can be a struggle to get away from work and your daily life...try and squeeze at least one camping trip in this summer. Make a list of all the necessities you need to bring with you...

What Have We Been Up To?

What has Enso been up to? Lots! We have been keeping quite busy as the beginning of the summer season has hit hard and new opportunities are coming our way. Recently, Enso has been working with two local brewpubs; Picaroons General Store in Saint John and Hammond...

A quick trip to American Tuscany

Many of us have experienced that excitement from looking at the pictures of Tuscany. That dreamy landscape of rolling hills, olive trees, wineries, cute houses, and just the best weather... Raise your hand if Tuscany is on your bucket list! Italy is fascinating...

How much do you know about Sangria?

The days are getting warmer and the temptation of having a glass of refreshing sangria is only rising. This famous and truly most favorite Spanish punch has diversified its flavor into so many variations that it’s almost impossible to know which one is the original....

Canned Wine Sustainability

Cans represent a very small segment of wine. You are clearly aware of canned wine, assuming you are reading this. You are possibly in search of new products to sell in your store or searching for alternatives to bottled wine. Whether you are searching for a more...

Daring to be Different

We recently received a consumer inquiry regarding our artwork. It's important that we share this to be completely transparent. Here is the original message and here is our response. Please let us know what you think after reading in our comments section or our...

Your perfect Easter wine guide

The Easter week is in a full-on mode and you have probably started fighting that temptation of having another chocolate egg or a celebratory glass of wine. Needless to say, Easter Sunday is no doubt the perfect occasion to gather around the table with your friends and...

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