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What is really stopping women?

Numbers speak louder than words, they say. Statistically, only one-third of the entrepreneurs worldwide are females, and even though this is about to increase, the question is why the number of modern heroines is so much lower than the heroes?  The answer lays...

The Perfect Wines for Your Winter Blues

While we continue to slowly edge toward spring, we are still in the midst of winter. Some of us have had quite the winter too. To help combat the black cloud of cabin fever, I have found that sitting back and appreciating the slow pace of winter (or finding a slow...

Find your own white space

I’ve met a lot of people, that had this bright spark in their eyes brought by an awesome idea. You know what I am talking about. I’ve also met with some of them later on only to see that their genuine belief in their triumph was lost along the way. What has...

What’s Your Chardonnay Style?

Chardonnay is by far one of the most popular white wines in the world; second only to Airen grape which is primarily used for making brandy. Chardonnay is also the most versatile; ranging from rich and creamy oaked style, to a light and zesty unoaked wine, to a...

News! News! Read All About It!

Van Duzer Corridor The wine industry is ever-changing but it's always exciting welcoming the birth of a new wine region! Official sub-regions are formed when it is recognized that a certain area within a region has a unique micro-climate, soil, or topography that...

Why Go Canned?

Canned wine is more than a niche or a novelty. There are great benefits to choosing canned wine, many of which are from the lack of wine faults that are typically associated with bottled wine. The hope is, as canned wine continues to grow, wine faults will be a thing...

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