Valentine’s Day is approaching and we could ALL (single or not) use an excuse to take a personal day and pamper ourselves.

Whether you take Valentine’s Day seriously or not, it is a special holiday ingrained in our culture to appreciate our significant others. For those of us who are single or can’t be with loved ones on that day, do something special for yourself anyways!

Because self-love is the most important kind and Valentines Day isn’t just for couples to be in the spotlight. It is a day of love and appreciation and wine and chocolate and bubble baths.

Step 1- Wine

Obviously the most crucial step for any self-care routine and the start to a long weekend. Splurge on that nice bottle of wine you have been eyeing in the shop for a month. Or grab a couple canned wines for a weekend of adventuring

Step 2- Plan something for yourself

Whether you need a quiet day of recouping at home in front of the fire place rereading your favorite book or you are finally motivated to break out those snowshoes from storage. Do something for yourself.

Step 3- Eat well

Eating out on Valentine’s Day is overrated. Having been a waitress for years I can assure you that there is nothing romantic about an hour long wait for a seat, a sweaty waitress serving your food, and being out of your favorite dessert.

Take your taste buds on an adventure and pick up the ingredients to make your favorite Thai dish or a classic steak dinner.

Step 4- Buy yourself a gift

Flowers, chocolate, wine, 10-day hot yoga pass. Do something for yourself!

Step 5- Appreciate those you love

Whether it’s kind thoughts or texts; take some time out of your day to appreciate those you love. Grandparents, parents, cat, whatever.