At first glance this wine reminds me of long walks on the beach. Then I remember that the next season of Shameless is on Netflix. Where else can you find a wine that’s equally suitable in a romantic, impromptu picnic, or placed in your beer can helmet while you’re out playing mini-golf?! Drinking this wine is like smoking the tires on a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am while wearing nothing but a cowboy hat and a smile. Laughing Buddha pairs well with black bean burgers, Cheez-its, and Steve Martin movies. Alternatives to this Sauvignon include spinning until you fall down (where legal), having a line of people shuffle their feet and shock you, and competing in back-to-back sushi eating contests.


Imagine being fired from a cannon, and while you’re flying through the air a cannon fires a can of Pinot Grigio to you, you crack it open, and you down it before you land on a bouncy house filled with pillows. That’s EXACTLY what drinking #Bliss is like. If you’re not satisfied after 1 can then drink 6. If you’re still not satisfied then call the ER and find out if you’re okay.This wine pairs well with Gummi Bears, Sour Keys and Gobstoppers, and actually comes from the same grape family that produced the California Raisins. #Bliss is the closest thing you’ll find to enlightenment in a can. We’ve had people crack open a can in Indiana, and wake up in India, in fact it’s less likely it won’t happen than will. Drinking #Bliss is like meeting your soulmate at the lottery claims office. No pre-nup needed, just open up a can and float into #Bliss.


If you’re tired of being handcuffed by bottles of wine then prepare yourself for freedom. #cannedwine #freedom

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WARRIOR Chardonnay

Do you wake up in positions you didn’t even know you could get into? You might just be a yogi, and yogis drink Warrior Chardonnay. Sensitive, but with a reckless side (think Robert Downey Jr. before he calmed down), this wine pairs well with listening to Pearl Jam, and I’m being serious this time. Drinking this wine is like going skydiving without a parachute. I once watched a Sumo wrestling match that wasn’t as entertaining as this wine. If you thought barreling down a hill on a mountain bike with no helmet was fun, wait till you try Warrior.

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